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What to Focus On During Coronavirus (COVID-19) Craziness

Hey there. Are you getting tired of all this corona virus talk? Are you scared and stressed and wondering if it's even that big of a deal?

Well, I wanted to give you a couple quick resources to give you more clarity and groundedness amidst the chaos

It's so easy to be swept away by media craziness and it's now more than ever so important to get your information from level headed experts that are using real numbers and that are grounded in reality

Other than the obvious CDC updates Link here

Two sources of info that I've found helpful:

1) Super informative and level headed article from Dr. Song. Link here

She talks all about everything you need to know about COVID-19 and what you can do to protect yourself and family

2) Joe Rogan's podcast episode with infectious disease expert Michael Osterholm. Link here

They talk about what may be coming in the future and the full scope of the problem


1. Yes it's a concern and we should be taking precautions.

- Limit exposure to large crowds

- It's spread through the air so while washing your hands and not touching your face, eyes, nose, and mouth helps, it's best to just limit contact with others

- Limit travel

- Be mindful that quick recoveries from this happen when people get tested and seek medical treatment within the first week of noticing symptoms (if you have a fever, runny nose, cough, and feel your health is declining). Keep in mind there's some debate on if you should go in immediately because you have a chance catching the virus while at the hospital and overcrowding is a thing too

- Boost that immune system!

2. Now is the time to up self care!

- Get 8 hours of sleep

- Move your body for 30 minutes a day

- Eat healthy

- Actively practice gratitude

- And combat stress however you like to best (walks outside, meditation, journaling, spending time with loved ones)

Let's not put our lives on hold and have this virus making us feel like the sky is falling (whispers "pst.. stress lowers the immune system") but let's stay informed and grounded in reality. This thing might be around for a while (estimated at least a couple months) and shake up our lives but we will get through it!

Manage that stress! Create healthy goals to strive for and things that you're excited to push forward. Life is bigger than this issue. Let this be a little reminder to keep showing up whole heartedly to each day and stop putting off your dreams! Except that dream trip to Italy. Put that one off for now

With love,



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