• Gina

How to Feel Safe During Uncertain Times

Updated: Mar 27, 2020

I'm writing this to you in the midst of the Corona virus fiasco (What a time huh!)

I'm thinking about how we can all feel more safe and centered right now, but even once this has passed, these points will still hold true for any uncertain times in your life

So, first we got to look straight into the dragon's mouth. Why are we feeling so fearful and anxious? I was having a conversation with my partner yesterday about a theory that every fear we have is really rooted in the fear of death. We feel fear because it helps us (hopefully) move further away from death, and closer to a longer life

It's okay to be afraid and stressed, and a good bit of it is useful. (I know, I wish it wasn't necessary too. I didn't make the rules)

But this brings me to step 1:

1. Face your feelings

First acknowledge what's going on internally for you. Just say to your feelings "Hey, I see you there. You're allowed to be there". No one likes being ignored, not even our feelings. Simply acknowledging and allowing them to exist instead of shooing them away instantly makes you feel more zen