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5 Ways Meditation Makes You Happier and Healthier

Updated: Feb 4, 2020

Meditation is basically getting to know yourself better, by observing your mind. It's training the mind and exploring it - like you're hiking through the mind and also working it out! It's a practice where you continually guide the mind to focus and observe - usually on things like sensations in the body, feelings and thoughts.

It's a way to explore and train the mind so you can use it better while also gaining a clearer understanding of yourself and achieving higher levels of wellbeing.

Meditation has been receiving more and more buzz over the past few years, and it's for good reason! It feels amazing. But there's more to it than that.

Practicing meditation has a lot of juicy benefits. Here are 5 big ones:

1. Strengthens your self awareness and self acceptance

- Meditation allows us to notice our present experience while also practicing non-judgment (which is a tough one!). Over time it becomes easier to view ourselves with a calm and compassionate mind

2. Helps you reduce stress, self soothe, and better work with your emotions

- Meditation helps calm anxiety and allows us to practice becoming masters of our minds and emotions. Over time we'll find it easier to feel relaxed and easier to calm ourselves down in times of stress

3. Improves attention and focus

- Meditation is essentially training the mind. The mind is a crazy and beautiful place and it loves to run in all sorts of directions. Meditation allows us to practice guiding the mind to focus on whatever we want it to. I think of it like training your dog. Your dog is always going to want to run in a million directions (and that's the fun of being a dog!) but when you tell them to stay, your dog will be trained enough to do it.

4. Encourages a healthy brain and slows signs of aging

- Research has been increasingly finding that meditation help us reduce stress (less stress = more graceful aging!) and can even slow the onset of Alzheimer's disease (source)

5. Helps you sustain happy states of being

- Meditation allows us to focus on and create states of calm, gratitude, and joy. Once we learn how to direct the mind, we can direct it to the highest states of wellbeing. You'll feel calmer, happier, and full of life

So, have you tried meditation? I recommend starting with something simple like guided meditations on Youtube or an app like Insight Timer

I'm confident that if you start practicing for 10 minutes even a couple times a week you'll start seeing these amazing benefits! Let me know how your practice is going. I'd love to hear

- Gina


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